Stellar Populations

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14 Weeks

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It is mandatory that the student has a solid knowledge of the evolutionary properties
of low, intermediate and massive stars and of the basic physics for galaxy formation
and evolution.
It is important that the students have already aquired some knowledge of the numerical
methods adopted for the deconvolution of astronomical images and of the linea, nonlinear
methods for multiparametric minimization.
It would be also quite useful that the student has already been exposed to a course of
radiative transfer focussed on the formation of stellar spectra.


The student during the course will acquire the knowledge required to build up a
research activity in stellar Astrophysics (resolved stellar populations) and/or
on the chemical evolution of the Universe and/or on the chemical bases for the
development of organic life. This means unique opportunities not only for a
PhD (astrophysics, cosmology, extrasolar planets), but also job opportunities
concerning space activity and big data.