Theoretical Physics of Fundamental Interactions

This branch of physics regards the research and pedagogical activities in the field of the theoretical study of nuclear phenomena and phenomena concerning elementary particles and their interactions, including gravity, starting from fundamental principles and laws and with the aid of adequate mathematical and computational tools. It also includes the skills suitable for deepening mathematical and numerical methods aimed at the investigation, theoretical treatment and construction of models of phenomena both in a physical and interdisciplinary context. Moreover, it concerns the research in quantum mechanics, field theory, string theory, special and general relativity, quantum gravity, statistical physics, dynamical systems and statistical aspects of complex systems. Furthermore, this branch also includes the study of the history of physics and the development of teaching and learning methods of physics. It also concerns the problems connected with the foundations of quantum physics. From the teaching point of view, this branch covers all the institutional aspects of basic physics, with the exception of laboratory courses in experimental physics.

The following research activities are conducted at the Physics Department: