Scientific Outreach

The Department of Physics promotes outreach activities including to the general public and high school students. Some of our activities are listed below. Interested schools should contact the secretariat (Dr. Carola Gasparri) or staff members listed below. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. thanks!

Communications staff and journalists should contact the Media Manager (Alice Aldi) for information regarding departmental staff in relation to news and scientific topics of interest. The Departmental Newsletter is also a useful source of information.



Material for Students



FumettIStICA, c'è fisica nei fumetti






European Researcher's Night:
- 2021 Edition
- 2020 Edition



Stage at Tor Vergata


FAMELab: the first science talent show

Piano Lauree Scientifiche

Committee for Outreach and Student Enrolment Support:

Contact person for the Department Board: Prof. Cerrito

Responsible for contacts and activities with schools: Prof. Berilli, prof. Goletti

Coordinator for dissemination events: Prof. Senesi

Co-Responsible for YouTube and Facebook channels: Dr. Giovannelli

Responsible for printed material:Dr. Aldi

Representative for Faculty Orientation: Prof. Fafone

Social Media Manager : Dr. Aldi

Other Members: Prof. Santovetti, Prof. Sparvoli