Outstanding Student Tracks

The outstanding students track offers training activities in addition to the normal training programme, consisting of disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities, seminars and internships, also in other research institutes and universities and high-profile companies, according to a program that will be structured and agreed with the students awarded.

The students selected for the Outstanding Student track will be assigned a tutor who will follow the student, resulting in a commitment of about 120 hours. Upon Graduation, the students who will successfully complete the programme will be awared a ceriticate recorded in their academic records.

The outstanding student track for the “Laurea Triennale” (L-30) lasts for two years (second and third year of the “Laurea in Fisica”

The outstanding student track for the “Laurea Magistrale” (LM-17) lasts for one year (second year of the Laurea Magistrale in Fisica)

Additional information can be found in the calls for the outstanding students track (see Italian Page).