Departmental Council

The Departmental Council defines the policies and the objectives of the department. It is composed of full professors, associate professors, researchers, representatives of the non-teaching staff, and representatives of the undergraduate and doctoral students.

Undergraduate students representatives
Christian Petrucci
Lorenza Lucaferri
Giorgia Brunetti
Luca Torlai
Chiara Calascibetta
Thomas Guerra
Nicolo' Mancini
Nominated until 23/02/2023

Doctoral students representative
Aldi Alice
Nominated with D.R. n. 2103/2018 for 2 years.

Representatives of non-teaching staff.
Giordano Amicucci      
Maurizio Marziali                                     
Antonella Traversi                                   
Nominated with D.R. n. 2102/2018 for the period 2018/21.