Master Degree
120 ECTS
Free access
Two years
Via della Ricerca Scientifica, 1 00133 Roma
Language: Italian and/or English

The Master in Physics aims to provide an advanced preparation of Physics in the various sectors of modern Physics and in its theoretical, experimental and applied aspects, as well as a solid mastery of the scientific method of investigation, with knowledge of specialist topics of the recent research in Physics.

Graduates of the course:

  • have in-depth and fl exible training, attentive to the most recent developments in scientific research and technology;
  • have a high scientific and operational preparation in the disciplines that characterize the class;
  • have an in-depth knowledge of measuring instruments and data analysis techniques;
  • have an in-depth knowledge of mathematical and IT support tools;
  • are able to operate with wide autonomy, even taking on responsibility for projects and structures, in the field of scientific and technological research and innovation;
  • are able to use the specific knowledge acquired, depending on the curriculum, or for the use and design of sophisticated measuring instruments or for the modeling of complex systems in the various fields of science and also in areas other than science;
  • are able to use fluently, in written and oral form, at least one language of the European Union in addition to Italian, with reference also to disciplinary and technical lexicons.

The Master in Physics is divided into five curricula:

  1. Physics
  2. Astrophysics and Space Science
  3. Atmosphere Physics and Meteorology
  4. Physics of Complex Systems and Big Data
  5. Physics of Fundamental Interactions and Experimental Techniques

The "Physics", and "Physics of the Atmosphere and Meteorology" curricula are in Italian.

The Astrophysics and Space Science, Physics of Fundamental Interactions and Experimental Techniques, and Physics of Complex Systems and Big Data curricula are taught in English.

The Physics curriculum offers different study plans in the areas of:

  • Structure of Matter
  • Physics of Biosystems
  • Theoretical physics
  • Electronics and Cybernetics

The different curricula and study plans correspond to the different research activities in the Physics Department.

The course prepares for the professions of:

Physicists (ISTAT code, Meteorologists (ISTAT code, Biophysics (ISTAT code and Researchers and technicians graduated in physical sciences (ISTAT code 2.6 .2.1.2).

Graduates will have access to the PhD.

They will also have access to the role of:

• Physicist, in universities and research institutes and in general access to the direct career of the Public Administration
• Industrial physicist (for example in industries dealing with microelectronics, telecommunications, optics, information technologies).
• Technical professional in radiation protection services
• Professional in computer science (software development, economic and financial analysis and model creation)
• Biophysical

Read the interview with Research Italy The Italian research portal, by Fabiola Gianotti director of CERN in Geneva.

Coordinator of the Physics Study Program:
Prof. Francesco Berrilli

Coordination Group:

Vice-coordinatore: Prof. Roberto Senesi
Orientamento in Ingresso: Prof.ssa Viviana Fafone
Orientamento in Itinere: Prof. Nazario Tantalo, Prof. Roberto Frezzotti
Coordinamento delle attività di Stage interni ed esterni: Prof.ssa Anna di Ciaccio
Organizzazione della riunione con le parti Sociali: Coordinatore e Vice-coordinatore
Organizzazione della giornata inaugurale: Dr. Francesco Stellato e Dr. Velia Minicozzi
Aggiornamento delle informazioni sul sito web di Macroarea e Guida dello Studente: Coordinatore
Bandi per studenti meritevoli e Percorsi di Eccellenza: Prof. Mauro Sbragaglia e Prof.ssa Annalisa D'Angelo
Bandi di Macroarea (Incentivazioni, Tutor e Part Time): Dr. Francesco Stellato (Tutoraggio) e Dr. Velia Minicozzi (Incentivazioni)
Controllo Piano Didattico: Dr Luca Camilli

Teaching Secretariat of the Physics Study Course:
Samanta Marianelli

Reception hours: Monday and Friday 10.00 / 12.00 - Wednesday 14.00 / 16.00