Applied Physics

The research and training activity in this highly interdisciplinary sector concerns the study, production and development, also technological, of physical (theoretical and experimental) methodologies,  materials and biomaterials, also of historical, artistic and environmental interest and for the development of instrumentation for neutron spectroscopy and for compact accelerators. The research results can be used in different application contexts (such as medical, biological, biophysical, biotechnological, environmental, socio-economic, acoustics, optics and physical optometry). The groups operating in this sector design and implement research applications a in:

  • Physics of Biological Systems.

    Research topics are: 
    1. Phenomenology of the processes of misfolding and aggregation of proteins and their implications in the development of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and some tumor forms. 
    2. Development of advanced audiological tests dedicated to the study of the mechanisms of auditory damage and its relationship with neurodegenerative pathologies.

  • Ionizing Radiation and Spatial Environment

    Effects of ionizing radiation in hadrontherapy and spatial habitats.

  • Composite Materials.

    Water in solid and liquid phase, stable, metastable and supercritical phase, hydrogen bonded systems, solid and quantum fluids.

  • Instrumentation for ultra-compact accelerators and neutron sources

    Development of instrumentation for compact accelerators and beam lines for neutron spectroscopy - energies from eV to MeV - for the study of materials and irradiation of electronic devices.