Instruments and Methods for Ultra Compact Accelerators and Neutron Sources

Open Topics: Development of instrumentation for neutron spectroscopy at eV and MeV energies, Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis resolved on time (T-PGAA), ISIS @ MACH, ISIS

Ongoing Activities: Measurements of distribution of impulse, kinetic energies of zero point, vibrational dynamics , in hydrogen bonded systems, disordered systems and macromolecules, microscopic structure of water.

Future Development: VESUVIO,ChiPIR,ISIS@MACH

Plasma acceleration chamber

Open Topics: Development of Instrumentation and Methods for ultra-compact accelerators

Attività in corso: Conceptual design report of EuPRAXIA, the first compact plasma accelerator and of Compact Light, compact accelerator with traditional technology, both for driving radiation sources. Plasma acceleration at SPARC_LAB

Future Development: EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB, new multidisciplinary plasma accelerator.