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On this page it is possible to find and consult material specially collected by the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" for students.

Richard Feynman: audio recordings of his physics lessons

The American University Caltech has made available the audio recordings (1) of the introductory physics lessons, given by the well-known, brilliant and extravagant prof. Richard Feynman during the three-year period 1961-64.

The recorded lessons include both the actual lesson and the discussions between prof. Feynman and his students and / or colleagues at the end of the lessons. This previously unpublished material is now available and searchable.

Among these recordings can also be found three entire recordings of lectures never heard before outside of Caltech, including lectures on quantum given by prof. Feynman in 1964.

 A web page is associated with each audio lesson where you can find information on the material discussed in the lessons.

The audio lessons and the attached material can be consulted at the link:

 (1)Copyright © 1963, 2006, 2013, 2021 by the California Institute of Technology, Michael A. Gottlieb and Rudolf Pfeiffer