Emanuele Santovetti

Associate Professor

He was born in Rome 1n 1966. In 1987 he won one of the eight "Enrico Persico" scholarships from the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. In 1989 he won one of the five scholarships of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), to be spent in the high energy laboratories of SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) in the United States. He attended the Summer School "Physics at 100 GeV" on high energy physics and collaborated on the SLD experiment (Stanford Linear Detector). In 1993 he tooks the degree in Physics with honors and in 2000 he won an INFN research grant at the Tor Vergata University for four years to work on the KLOE experiment at INFN's Frascati laboratories. In September 2004 he became assistent professor at the "Tor Vergata" University of Rome and begin his participation to the LHCb experiment at CERN. In the period 2007-2012 he was coordinator of the INFN Tor Vergata section at the National Scientific Committee 1 of the INFN. Since 2011 he is local manager of the LHCb experiment in the INFN Tor Vergata Rome section. In 2014 he became associate professor (FIS / 01 sector). He is a member of the Doctoral College in Physics. He is a member of the executive committee of the Physics Department of Physics. In the period 2012-2015 he taught the Physics 2 course for the degree course in Chemistry. Since 2015 he teaches the course "Physics 2" for the degree course in Mathematics. Since 2016 he teaches the course "Physics 3" for the degree course in Physics.

Teaching in the Physics Department
ID Course Name Semester Length CFU
Relativity, Optics and Waves Second 14 Weeks 8