Social platforms are now the channel with which people connect, share their opinion, exchange and process information. The way we interact can produce large-scale phenomena, and recently the financial markets have been repeatedly influenced by social networks.

Prof. Giulio Cimini, professor at the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", is at the forefront (together with his collaborators) in the modeling and understanding of these phenomena [1,2], and is among the organizers of the first workshop. These coordinated financial operations have received great attention from the media, financial supervisory institutions and the academic community.

The aim of the workshop, scheduled for 26 and 27 January 2023 in collaboration with the IMT of Lucca, is to gather the various personalities who are interested in the topic in order to explore what are the fundamental ingredients that lead a stock to go viral, how the phenomenon can be modeled and coordination on social networks can be promptly detected.

During these two days there will be the interventions of the following keynotes speakers: Tho Pham (Senior Lecturer of Economics, University of York); Laura Alessandretti (Assistant Professor in Modeling Human Dynamics, Technical University of Denmark), Juri Marcucci (Senior Economist, Bank of Italy) as well as short talks by students.