The EuAPS project (EuPRAXIA Advanced Photon Source) was first in the final ranking of the ESFRI area projects: PSE - Physical Sciences and Engineering presented for the PNRR.

The project involves the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, leader, with the National Laboratories of Frascati and the South, and the Milan section, the CNR, with Potenza, Montelibretti e Pisa, and the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata ".

Prof. Alessandro Cianchi is responsible for the most conspicuous working package, about 9 million Euros, for the realization of a compact X radiation source with pulses lasting a few tens of femtoseconds. The main innovation is constituted by the electrons that emit radiation, accelerated by a high-power laser focused on a gas-jet, making the source extremely compact.

For the Physics Department of the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, prof. Francesco Stellato and dr. Mario Galletti and with a recognized loan of 749,000 euros.


In figure: A high-power laser creates a negative-charged bubble inside a plasma. The electrons injected inside the bubble are subjected to betatron oscillations and emit X-rays.