On Monday, March 21, the CERN Masterclass 2022 took place online. Throughout the day, with great enthusiasm and participation, 21 students from high schools in Rome and its province were able to experience firsthand what it means to be particle physicists, by analyzing the data coming from the ATLAS experiment at CERN in Geneva and measuring the mass of the vector Z boson and the Higgs boson. The results were then discussed in videoconference with CERN where the students were able to come into contact with their peers from other European universities. Two of them also obtained the first two places in the final quiz: the new recruits are growing well!

The Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" together with the INFN-Roma2 section have successfully organized and managed the Online event. The Organizing Committee includes: Prof. Umberto De Sanctis, Dr. Marco Vanadia, Dr. Michele Faucci Giannelli, Dr. Salvatore Loffredo, Dr. Giorgia Proto, Dr. Fabiola Raffaeli.