Title: Very-High-Energy gamma-ray detection of RS Oph with the MAGIC telescopes: First evidence of proton acceleration in a nova

Speaker: Dr. Rubén López-Coto (Fellini Researcher, INFN Padova)


Abstract:RS Ophiuchi (RS Oph) is a recurrent nova whose latest eruption took place on 2021 August 8th. MAGIC observed RS Oph during the maxima of the eruption and detected it in very-high-energy gamma rays, establishing novae as a new source class at these energies. We present the MAGIC observations of RS Oph during its latest eruption, triggered by the Fermi-LAT detection of high energy gamma rays from this source. We studied the high and very-high-energy gamma-ray emission in the context of other novae and modeled the non-thermal spectrum in a framework of leptonic and hadronic models, significantly favoring the hadronic origin of the emission.


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