🔹Title: Galactic Archeology Unveiled: Tracing the formation and evolution of our Galaxy (and beyond) with stellar clusters and variable stars

🔹Speaker: Valentina D'Orazi (Tor Vergata University of Rome & INAF)

🔹Abstract: Galactic archeology is a field of study that explores the origin and formation of the Milky Way galaxy. Similar to traditional archaeologists, who examine remnants from the past to uncover human history, galactic archeologists gather information on the stars, gas, and other structures that can be observed from Earth. I will present several topical issues and review the current status of the field, with particular emphasis on our recent findings. This information allows us to reconstruct the history of the Milky Way and better understand how it has evolved over time, including the formation of its different components (such as the bulge, disk, and halo), the assembly of its structure, and the growth of its mass through accretion of smaller galaxies. Galactic archeology not only provides a detailed understanding of the history and evolution of our Milky Way galaxy, but also helps to uncover the larger patterns and processes that shape the evolution of galaxies across the Universe.