It is with satisfaction that the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" announces its participation in the new European Joint Doctorate project entitled "Advanced computing, QuanTum algorIthms, and data-driVe Approaches for science, Technology and Engineering"(AQTIVATE).

The project was presented as part of the Horizon Europe framework program by responding to the call for “Horizon - MSCA - Doctoral Networks - 2021” and sees the synergistic participation of nineteen institutions including universities and cutting-edge research centers. As required under the Horizon Europe framework program, the involvement of institutions in the network is heterogeneous: Cyprus (3), France (3), Sweden (1), Germany (8), and Italy (4). The Italian institutions involved are the University of Padua, the Cineca university consortium, the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) foundation and of course the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” through the Physics Department.

The AQTIVATE project was designed to incorporate recent developments in the computational field but above all for new scientific challenges. These challenges have their roots in computational physics, fluid dynamics and biology. The general objective of the AQTIVATE project, through the doctoral program with interdisciplinary and intersectoral, is to train professionals of computational sciences able to use, develop and implement cutting-edge methodologies in exascale computing (computer systems capable of processing one billion of billion computations per second), in artificial intelligence and quantum computing for both scientific and engineering applications, and who are ideally prepared to assume strategic leadership positions in both academia and industry.

For the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" the staff involved both at a scientific and didactic level are: Prof. Luca Biferale, Prof. Mauro Sbragaglia, and Dr. Michele Buzzicotti.