The article "Free-electron lasing with compact beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerator" has just been published by the prestigious journal Nature.

The article presents a fundamental result in the search for new small, inexpensive, compact and high-quality particle accelerators to be used in every hospital, university, research laboratory.

The article is based on the possibility of accelerating electron beams at ultra relativistic speeds over short distances using technologies focused on the use of plasma, which has the potential for a revolution in the field of particle accelerators. The creation of compact "tabletop" machines capable of driving a free electron laser (FEL) is a formidable tool for investigating matter at the subatomic level by generating, the FEL, coherent light pulses with a subatomic ångström wavelength and duration below the femtosecond.

Among the authors of the article for the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata":Prof. Alessandro Cianchi, Dr. Mario Galletti.