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14 Weeks

Semester DD


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Brief introduction to the historical background of C.
C programming, C arithmetic, algebraic and relational operators, assignment operators, increment and decrement operators. Selection structures IF, IF-ELSE and nesting, WHILE iteration structure. Ascii Code. The FOR iteration command, the multiple selection command SWITCH, break statement and continue. Logical operators. Programming with vectors, management of character strings. Generation of random numbers.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: at the end of the course the student must be able to solve scientific questions by programming in the C language.

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: the student will gradually be introduced into the logic and syntax of the C programming language and his/her progress will be evaluated lesson by lesson.

APPLYING KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: the student must be able to read and understand the questions posed to him, and adopt a resolution strategy thanks to the skills acquired.

MAKING JUDGEMENTS: it is expected that, thanks to the skills acquired during the course attendance, the student will be able to independently analyze the results of his own works in order to verify their correctness.