Physics of Low Dimensional Systems

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14 Weeks

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Basic concepts to the transport theory in 3 dimensional solids: electrical conducibilità, Ohms law, mean free path, free electron gas, Bloch theorem, energy bands, effective mass, Boltzmann approximation, relaxation time, electrical current and conducibility. Quantum confined systems: 2 dimensional electron gas, quantum wells, ethero structures, multilayers, nanowires, nanodots.

Effects of the magnetic field: Landau levels, Subnikov-Dehaas effect. Tunnel effect: Landauer formula, negative resistance and tunnel diode. Quantum conductance, ballistic effect, weak localization, Coulomb blockade. Transport mechanism in granular systems, carbon nanotubes and grapheme. Low dimensional superconductivity, anisotropy, interface superconductivity, proximity effect. Experimental: Deposition methods, sputtering MBE. Resistivity measurements methods: 2 and 4 leads measurements; Van der Paw method. Metallic thin film deposition; resistivity measurement of a metallic thin film. Mean free path measurement. Calculation of the Debye temperature through the Bloch-Gruneisen model.