Nanomaterials for Green and Digital Transition

Looking for a prestigious Master's with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship? Discover your potential with GREENANO Erasmus Mundus Joint Master!

GREENANO’s mission is to tackle the global skills demand stemming from the Green and Digital Transition and the European Green Deal vision. By joining the program, you will be empowered to actively contribute to the battle against climate change and strive towards the ambitious goal of achieving climate neutrality.

GREENANO trains a new generation of engineers, scientists, and innovators equipped with a unique skill set that combines nanotechnologies, materials science, industry knowledge, sustainability assessment, and essential problem-solving skills. You'll be prepared to be a catalyst for innovation.

GREENANO is a joint program involving four leading European institutions in France, Italy, and Slovenia and offering a diverse cultural experience. Immerse yourself in different cultures forging a global perspective and lifelong friendships.

Application Open from November, 1st 2023 to February, 2nd 2024!


Take a look at the Master website and at the Master Flyer