I would like to inform you that Dr. Fabio Guglietta  will give a seminar next Thursday. 

Please find below all the information. 

Speaker: Fabio Guglietta (University of Rome Tor Vergata)

title:  On the effect of membrane viscosity on transient red blood cell dynamics
h: 16.30
Teams link on the website:  https://www.fisicastatistica.org/young-seminars-sifs  

Abstract: The study of the mechanical properties of red blood cell (RBC) membrane spreads between several different fields: from the development of medical devices to biological understanding, from applications to theory. We investigate the effects of membrane viscosity on transient RBC dynamics, focusing on the loading and relaxation dynamics of a single RBC. We compare different loading mechanisms (e.g., the stretching with optical tweezers, the deformation in simple shear flow, etc.) to highlight the key role of membrane viscosity in providing a realistic numerical simulation of the RBC dynamics. Finally, we show how the effect of membrane viscosity impacts when a suspension of viscoelastic capsules is considered. Mesoscale numerical simulations are carried out in the framework of the immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann (IBLB) method.