Alessandro Cianchi

Associated Professor in Applied Physics
Member of the Academic Senate


Alessandro Cianchi is a physicist focusing on particle accelerators, mainly in researching and developing new diagnostic techniques for high brightness electron beams.

He is currently working on small and compact machines suitable for driving radiation sources for fundamental or applied research purposes.

His recent studies are mostly focused on plasma accelerators, devices that can obtain high energy beams in a few centimeters.

He is responsible for the diagnostics of electron and photon beams in the European project EuPRAXIA, which aims to build a plasma-driven accelerator to drive a free electron laser.

He is also responsible for the Working group, which has to create a compact source of fast X radiation, starting from betatrone radiation produced in a plasma. This project was funded under the PNRR as the first project in the research infrastructure category.

He is the chair of the group dedicated to the teaching on particle accelerators within the INFN Accelerators network.

He worked at Fermilab (USA), at the Desy Laboratories (Germany) and is currently responsible for particle beam diagnostics at EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB at the INFN National Laboratories in Frascati.

He had several invited talks at international conferences and was a member of the program committee of four conferences and chair of the program committee of another. He is author in collaboration of more than 100 papers in specialized journals, including Nature, Nature Physics, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review Accelerators and beams and Journal of Optical Society of America B. Of many of these he is also referee and member of the Editorial Board of Instruments.

He has taught for about ten years in various CERN, Cern Accelerator Schools (CAS) accelerator schools. He has been supervisor of doctoral, bachelor's and master's theses. He has also taught computer science and electronics at his university.

He is a member of the academic senate and of his university's doctoral college in physics.

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Teaching in the Physics Department
ID Course Name Semester Length CFU
Particle Accelerators for Science and Interdisciplinary Applications First 14 Weeks 6