Title: On the galactic electrostatic field that accelerates cosmic rays at all energies

Speaker: Prof. A. Codino (University and INFN of Perugia)


Abstract: Recently, the existence of a ubiquitous electrostatic field that permeates all galaxies has been proposed. It is argued in various ways that the galactic electric field is the real agent that accelerates galactic cosmic rays to the maximum observed energies of 3x1021 eV. This accelerative mechanism supplants other known mechanisms described in the literature that is at odds with the observational data. The most important experimental data that support the existence of the galactic electrostatic field are the spectral index of 2.67 of the energy spectrum of cosmic radiation as well as the chemical composition of the same spectrum over 3x1018 eV. The motion of cosmic rays in the context of this electrostatic acceleration mechanism allows us to calculate, without free parameters, the intensity, direction, and direction of the galactic magnetic field. The excellent agreement is discussed with observational data, mainly from radio astronomy. It is emphasized that the explanation of the origin of the galactic magnetic field, due to its particular unmistakable shape, constitutes immovable empirical evidence of the galactic electrostatic field. Finally, we briefly mention other notable cosmic effects caused by the galactic electrostatic field.