Eleonora Troja, associate professor at the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", was awarded the "Exceptional Scientific Achievement" medal for the results obtained in the scientific field in the year 2021, specifically for her studies On short-lived gamma-ray bursts and kilonovas. All assignments are available here.

The medals that NASA awards annually are the highest recognition that the agency itself can bestow. The medals that can be awarded are of different kinds: merit for public service; administrative merits; career; courage; outstanding successes in technological, engineering and scientific fields.

Specifically, the Exceptional Scientific Achievement medal is awarded << for individual efforts that have led to a key scientific discovery or have produced critically important contributions in this field or a significantly improved understanding of the field. Scientific contributions typically derive from investigations or reasoned studies on phenomena using collected data and observations, current scientific theories and formulas, and the scientific method and / or other formal techniques, to achieve lasting principles >> as reported on the NASA government website.

The whole community of the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" congratulates Prof. Eleonora Troja.