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We are glad to invite you to the first Rome Joint Astrophysics Colloquium (JAC) on Wednesday the 19th of May at 14:30 CEST.


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The Rome JAC is a joint initiative of the Physics Dept. of the Tor Vergata University of Rome, INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Rome, and INAF - Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology.


TITLE: ESO: Enabling European world-class astronomy


SPEAKER: Prof. Xavier Barcons, ESO Director General (ESO, Germany)


ABSTRACT: ESO is a world-leading organisation in building and operating most powerful ground-based astronomical observatories, enabling European Astronomy to play a leading role. The success of the organisation relies on the support from its member states and partners and the cooperation with the community (e.g. scientists, institutes and industry), among other key factors. Over 1000 refereed papers are published every year using data from ESO facilities, with an increasingly larger fraction of these data coming from the science archive facility. Among these scientific outcomes, there are many scientific breakthroughs and several of them directly linked to Nobel Prize awards that ESO has supported. ESO facilities are structured in terms of Programmes, currently: La Silla Paranal and ALMA (both in operation), ELT (in construction) and CTA-S (in pre-construction phase). I will review the current status and future prospects of these programmes, underlining science and instrument development opportunities in the coming years as well as societal benefits of ESO's activities.


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