Seminar of SSDC-ASI in collaboration with INFN Roma Tor Vergata:

*Comparison of Terrestrial and Martian paleo-hydrologic environments with PRISMA and CRISM hyperspectral data*

Angelo Zinzi (ASI/SSDC), Eleonora Ammannito (ASI), Veronica Camplone (SSDC/INAF-OAR/UniPV), Paola Manzari (ASI), Giuseppe Sindoni (ASI), Francesco Zucca (UniPV), Gianluca Polenta (ASI/SSDC)

Sala CASSINI (at ASI, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana)
*Giovedì 26 Ottobre 2023*, ore 15:00


Orbit-based analysis of the Martian surface allowed to discover morphologies similar to the terrestrial fluvial and lacustrine ones, even if in total absence of surface water. Since more than a decade the main instrument to look for minerals related to flowing water is the NASA MRO CRISM infrared spectrometer.

Due to similar characteristics, both spectral and spatial, among CRISM and ASI PRISMA, active since years in Earth observation, we began a path to start a systematic comparison between environments with similar geological history, i.e., paleo-lacustrine and paleo-fluvial, on Earth and Mars, in order to have a more robust benchmark, even considering the accurate knowledge of the geology of these areas on Earth.


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