The seminar of Prof. Dennis Cazar Ramírez, invited by Prof. Paolo Camarri, entitled: "Astroparticle studies within the Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO) Project" will be held on Thursday 07 December 2023 p.v. from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm in the Grassano room. The abstract of the seminar is the following: The LAGO (Latin American Giant Observatory) project is an extended Astroparticle Observatory at global scale. It is mainly oriented to basic research on three branches of Astroparticle physics: the ExtremeUniverse, Space Weather phenomena, and Atmospheric Radiation at groundlevel.LAGO project has developed a network of low-cost Water CherenkovDetector (WCD) which are used for scientific goals and teaching activities that are going to be deployed in universities and researchfacilities across South America.In this talk we're going to describe the present status of project, the most important results achieved so far and the future activities.