Professionalism and dedication to one's profession and, in particular, to the "Tor Vergata" Department of Physics of Rome were two fundamental aspects that have never been lacking in the work of the administrative secretary Dr. Liù M. Catena.

Dr. Liù M. Catena began her career at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" in 1985 when the same University was taking her first steps. The work experience of Dr. Liù M. Catena sees the first appointment at the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (1985-2002), a period at the "Villa Mondragone Congress and Representation Center" ( 2002-2009, from 2004 I resume the role of Director of the same), an experience at the "Center for research and permanent training for the teaching of scientific disciplines," to finally return in 2015 with the role of administrative secretary (category EP - deputy management of the administrative management area) at the original site, the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata."

Thirty-seven years of service that she dedicated to the University "machine," which, in its entirety, is very complex and delicate. Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, ownership of "solving issues," dedication to communication, management, and organization are just some of the qualities that have allowed Dr. Liù M. Catena to take her career so far, so much so that she holds positions of responsibility. A person with a strong and sometimes disruptive character but at the same time reflective and constructive criticism.

A person capable of dealing with "broad spectrum" situations can use a language dear to professionals in the sector, in other words, physicists.

During the CdD on 21 June 2022, the Director of the Department of Physics, Prof. Pasquale Mazzotta, and the same Department paid homage to Dr. Liù M. Catena by giving her the "career" plaque.

A moment to define the height expressed by an initial department of the Director of, the speech which one is saying "[…] when in difficult and complex situations it is not compelling that the answer is up to the same situations. I have always found in Liù outstanding professionalism, recommended her ability to solve problems by finding solutions quickly and above all the desire for training for herself and for others ". At the moment of delivery, there was no lack of human emotion that preceded the speech of thanks by Dr. Liù M. Catena who expressed herself because "I am very excited, it is not easy, but I recover [...] it is not easy who I know knows that I am a person who works with a lot of passion, enthusiasm, honesty and transparency [...] it is not easy because it is an important moment in my life, but I am very happy because I have faced my job with satisfaction [...] my mission it was, especially in the last seven years, that of facilitating and guaranteeing the carrying out of the research and teaching activities that are usually carried out by the staff of the Department [...] I thank you, I wish you all well, and I am very happy to pass the baton to a future successor ".

After other interventions and words spent by some members of the Department in favor of the work of Dr. Liù M. Catena, the whole Department of Physics of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" has embraced warm and heartfelt applause that still today shares without reserve.