In the Pietro Gismondi room of the Macroarea of Sciences MM.FF.NN. there will be a day organized to reward the reviews that contributed to the assignment of the 2023 Asimov Prize won by Edoardo Borgomeo with "Blue Gold". In particular, the students of the schools that participated for the Lazio Region will be awarded.


10:00 Greetings from the director of the INFN section of Rome "Tor Vergata" Prof. A. Di Ciaccio;

10:15 Greetings from the Deputy Director of the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" Prof. L. Cerrito;

10:30 Speech by Dr. G. Di Sciascio and Dr. S. Miozzi: the 2023 Asimov prize in numbers;

10:45 Speech by the INFN Third Mission referent for the Rome "Tor Vergata" section, Prof. V. Caracciolo: INFN "outreach" activities;

11:00 Reading reviews of the winners, awarding and discussion;

12:45 end of the ceremony and coffee break.