We kindly invite you to the Tor Vergata Astrophysics Seminar on Wednesday March 13th at 16:30 CET.

Join IN PERSON in Aula Grassano (Physics Department) or online on the MS Teams at: Connection

TITLE: Biosignatures and Technosignatures. The Telescopic Search for Life Across Interstellar Distances.

SPEAKER: Prof. Adam Frank (University of Rochester)

ABSTRACT: The 2020 Astronomy Decadal Survey put a "Habitable Worlds Observatory" at the top of the community's projects for the next twenty years. In this talk I will discuss the current state of research and future plans in the search for life via "biosignatures" and "technosignatures". I will review the history of the field and discuss what advances have allowed the ancient question of "are we alone" to finally become one which science might answer.

Poster of the event is available at: Poster