Lucilla Lanza

Postdoctoral Fellow, INFN, section of Roma "Tor Vergata", Program: Dynamics of quarks and hadrons.

I am focused on hadronic physics, in particular on the search for hybrid baryons using the CLAS12 experimental apparatus located at the Jefferson Lab, in the United States (VA). I earned my Ph. D. with a thesis concerning this topic at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2017. My current INFN fellowship allows me to continue the research begun with the CLAS collaboration, which concerns, in addition to hybrid baryons, also the study of polarization asymmetries with polarized beam and target using the γ N -> π+ π- N channel and the measure of the Lambda transferred polarization observable using the channel e p-> e' K Λ.

My full list of publications is shown at inSPIRE webpage.

Teaching in the Physics Department
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