Francesco Tombesi

Associate Professor of Astrophysics

My main research interest involves the study of accretion and ejection physics onto super-massive black holes (SMBHs) in active galactic nuclei (AGN) through observations collected from orbiting X-ray satellites. In particular, I published a series of fundamental papers regarding the origin of black hole driven winds, such as the powerful ultra-fast outflows (UFOs), and their feedback on the AGN host galaxies. These studies culminated with the publication of a first author article shown in the cover-page of Nature.

My research topics involve also: the investigation of multi-scale and multi-phase AGN outflows, ranging from nearby the black hole event horizon up to galaxy cluster scales; theoretical studies of black hole winds and detailed photoionization of the outflowing plasma; the impact of SMBH activity on the galactic habitability of terrestrial planets; accretion and outflows on X-ray binaries; implications of astrophysical observations for fundamental physics.

Teaching in the Physics Department
ID Course Name Semester Length CFU
Active Galactic Nuclei First 14 Weeks 6